At Megha International, we have always seen our success in the flawless reflections on your stone surfaces. We have spent as many hours innovating, refining, bettering our products, as we have spent in marketing them. That is the reason our products are asked for by name, trusted and relied on by some of the leading stone processing unites across India.


Megha International is a privately held firm which is managed by professionals with vast experience in the stone processing industry. Our deep knowledge of the standards and challenges in the industry, coupled with a passion to create and innovate, enables us to offer consistent quality as well as customized solutions.


We have grown many-fold over the last decade, riding your trust, and fulfilling our promise of delivering more for less. As you continue to count on us for the best of stone polishing solutions, ever-improving cost efficiency and on time deliveries, we renew our commitment to add a touch of magic to your products!